Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's the secret?

My first question out of makeup school was... "so what's the secret to getting the makeup to look so good"? Well we know we live in a world that everyone has their own opinion. And anyone who has been, is, or has dealt with makeup artists knows that we definitely have our own opinion and ours is always the right one. We love to advise. I got different answers from different people. Some said its all in the makeup you use, make sure you spend the most money on the best products cause it will last all day and look like in a magazine. Others said oh no, it doesn't matter what products you use as long as you have a kick ass brush set. The really confident artists told me it didn't matter what makeup or brushes you use, if you got it, you got it. They said a great makeup artist can use technique and skill above all to make any face stand out. For me, my final analysis, and for my artistry, it is a combination of all three things. For me to be a great artist I need a great cosmetic line, supplemented by an awesome brush set to off set my skills and techniques. I am sure you all know by now from following that I use and love Motives by Loren Ridinger. To each his own and I would never tell an artist to change their preference. Motives is my choice. Why? Motives offers a quality high end product at a lower price. The Motives line is not manufactured in house and spends no money on advertising or celebrity endorsements as it is up to the beauty advisers to market the product. Instead, Motives puts all of its money into the product to make it more pure and affordable. Anyone who has seen American Gangster can understand and appreciate this concept. No, Motives consultants aren't gangsters but they sure take the beauty industry by storm!

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