Sunday, August 2, 2009

Motives, the Face of Today, Tomorrow, and Forever!

With the hottest color combinations and the ability to customize your look, Motives delivers revolutionary, cutting-edge cosmetics, state of the art simplicity and a high-resolution finish. No matter what the look, Motives allows you the power to be whomever you want and is the perfect way to express yourself.

Motives Eye Products you don't have to be a make-up artist to create the perfect eye; we've taken the guess work out of it. Our palettes are customized to enhance your eyes whether they are green, brown or blue; and to help you take your look from classic during the day to smoky at night. Motives® by Loren Ridinger eye shadows, palettes and liners reveal vivid colors, intense pigments and long-lasting wear.

Motives Cheek Products
Motives® by Loren Ridinger cheeks will make you blush from all the excitement with a variety of color quads and pressed blush refills. You can now choose your favorite colors to match your mood and look with our customized mineral blushes, shimmers and bronzers.

Motives Face Products
Create your perfect face from start to finish with Motives® by Loren Ridinger custom blended foundations, foundation sticks and fluid silk foundations. Primers and concealers smooth and tone your skin making a flawless canvas on which to build your look. Finish with custom blended mineral powders for a perfect complexion.

Motives Lip Products
Motives® by Loren Ridinger lip treatments, shines, gels, liners, plumpers and lipsticks are formulated with a unique blend that soften and condition while helping to soothe and protect dry lips. Leave your lips rejuvenated, bursting with color and gloss long after application. From our exfoliating lip treatment and hydrating lip balm to our anti-aging lip liners and mineral silk lipsticks, your pout is complete.

Motives cosmetics can be found through Motives authorized dealers nationwide.

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