Monday, August 31, 2009

Motives Lust Blush

So for all of you Sephora lovers out there that love the color Orgasm by NARS for your cheeks...
Motives offers Lust! This is the same color for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less. That's right I said way less. NARS retails for about $29.99 at Sephora and even with your S Card you still pay more. Motives Lust retails for $13.50 is that a great deal or what? As stated in previous posts, Motives does not spend a dime on advertising, celebrity endorsements, and overhead so all money goes into making their products stronger than the competitors for at a better price for consumers. Motives also offers fun colors and a high end product that wear long and well. To go directly to the Motives Lust Blush page click the Motives Lust Brush title in this post. To see more Motives Visit:

Stay fabulous!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first job

This was a my first booking after makeup school.  I was so proud.  The model is wearing Motives custom blend foundation topped off with Motives dual protection face powder which can be used wet or dry.  She is wearing Motives Naughty blush which is compared to Nars Orgasm blush on her cheeks.  She is bronzed with fairy dust which is also the base shade used for her eyes.  I haven't taken many pics of my work so far but I am learning photography now so that I can start building my portfolio.  I am working on a number of projects and will be posting many more pics soon.  Until then I will continue to post tips, tricks, fun topics, and my latest products.  To see more of Motives please visit:
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Here!

Motives just introduced the launch of its new upgraded custom blend foundation line! Motives new Custom Blend allows your beauty adviser to match any skin tone, create any shade and highlight or seamlessly conceal any feature. With modifiers (like Ultra Firming, which provides an immediate firming and tightening "flash" effect that will last throughout the day), toners that are made talc-free and never turn foundation chalky, and bases that are 11% pigmented, Motives new Custom Blend allows your beauty adviser to match every color ever imagined. Motives custom blend foundation is customizable to any face meaning any skin type, skin tone, or age. With Motives custom blend foundation beauty advisers can add things like thinner to sheer the foundation base, coverage enhancer to increase the coverage, and spf to protect the skin. Other additives include hydrator to restore moisture, oil control, fringe benefit to lock in moisture, and ultra firming botanical, which is a liquid BOTOX to give an immediate firming and tightening effect. Customization is the ticket these days because every women has her own face and your skin is different from mine! This foundation is phenomenal! It sells for $40.00 per bottle and $45.00 per bottle with added liquid botox. The best part about this is that there is no need to go to a crowded mall where everyone is watching. Motives advisers will do a consultation anywhere you want. To find a Motives beauty adviser near you email and tell us where you are. If you or someone you know lives in the South Florida area call Dajah Lee directly at (561) 329-8716 We travel from Miami to Orlando.

To see more from Motives please visit Dajah Lee at:

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What's the secret?

My first question out of makeup school was... "so what's the secret to getting the makeup to look so good"? Well we know we live in a world that everyone has their own opinion. And anyone who has been, is, or has dealt with makeup artists knows that we definitely have our own opinion and ours is always the right one. We love to advise. I got different answers from different people. Some said its all in the makeup you use, make sure you spend the most money on the best products cause it will last all day and look like in a magazine. Others said oh no, it doesn't matter what products you use as long as you have a kick ass brush set. The really confident artists told me it didn't matter what makeup or brushes you use, if you got it, you got it. They said a great makeup artist can use technique and skill above all to make any face stand out. For me, my final analysis, and for my artistry, it is a combination of all three things. For me to be a great artist I need a great cosmetic line, supplemented by an awesome brush set to off set my skills and techniques. I am sure you all know by now from following that I use and love Motives by Loren Ridinger. To each his own and I would never tell an artist to change their preference. Motives is my choice. Why? Motives offers a quality high end product at a lower price. The Motives line is not manufactured in house and spends no money on advertising or celebrity endorsements as it is up to the beauty advisers to market the product. Instead, Motives puts all of its money into the product to make it more pure and affordable. Anyone who has seen American Gangster can understand and appreciate this concept. No, Motives consultants aren't gangsters but they sure take the beauty industry by storm!

To see more of Motives by Loren Ridinger visit:

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A much needed change!

So one night last week I was having the hardest time doing my homework and I was extremely frustrated. I decided I would go to bed and think about it in the morning. I went into the bathroom to do my nightly ritual of flossing, brushing, and skincare when I noticed my hair is full of dead ends. I began to clip and trim and this was the end result. A much needed change as I call it. Many who know me know that I am hesitant to go to the salon because I am too afraid they might mess something up (go figure). Luckily I didn't mess up because I love my new look. Hubby took one look at me and said "it's very rock and roll". I know he loves rock so yes, that was a good thing. Now I look more like a makeup artist. I actually have style LOL. Of course since the cut I have tried practicing to edge it up even more. Maybe the next post you may see some color. NOT. That would be way out of the box for me. Baby steps...

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Birthday

What a great day! Yesterday I celebrated my 25th...
(for the 10th time) and it was truly a great day. I treated myself to a mani-pedi and relaxed for a few. I went to a little get together at work and invited my sister who I cherish to come along and it was such a pleasure. In the evening, my awesome and adorable husband took me to my FAVORITE restaurant, The Melting Pot where it is always a great experience. Today, I really felt like a princess. 35 and lovin it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The world's next power couple! There's no stopping the AD-rich team. Just wanted to add that hubby and I celebrated 9 years together this weekend and it feels great. We are a dynamic duo who still laugh hysterically at each other's jokes...
or expense, LOL!

Albert's Angels!



J, K, and of course...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little Makeup Models!

This year my daughters decided to be bold and try out for their school talent show. The little one sung Fabulaous by the fabulous Sharpay from High School Musical. The older one sung Reflection by Mulan hence the reacon she is dressed like a geisha as my brother said. LOL. The show was so amazing. So many talented kids there. And my daughters' boldness was so surprising. Anyway I thought you'd enjoy!

We all know how important it is to take care of our skin underneath the makeup. This is the ultimate trick to achieving that clean fresh look, clean, fresh, smooth, well taken care of skin. So why then do so many women boast that all they need is soap and water? A daily skincare regiment that meets your specific needs is proven to keep your skin smooth, soft and radiant. We need to cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize in order to keep our skin looking more radiant and younger. Cellular Laboratories offers products like de-aging cleansing emulsion, de-aging toner, de-aging C serum, de-aging eye creme, re-birth serum, de-aging creme, de-aging spf, de-aging facial lifting masque, and de-aging sunscreen spf 55 in order to satisfy daily and nightly skincare needs. Our face is the canvas to our beauty. An artist would never begin painting on a canvas unless it was totally clean and free of debree. We need to start seeing our faces as the canvas and ourselves as the artist. Cellular Labs can be found in many of the high end department stores for a price that is well beyond most of our budgets. A great online health and nutrition company named A&D Health Concepts now offers a great Cellular Laboratories line for way, way, way, less of a price and just as good of a product. They also offer more affordable skincare lines like Skintelligence, Timeless Prescription, and a great 3-step acne fighting kit. All the power we need to take back our youth!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Motives, the Face of Today, Tomorrow, and Forever!

With the hottest color combinations and the ability to customize your look, Motives delivers revolutionary, cutting-edge cosmetics, state of the art simplicity and a high-resolution finish. No matter what the look, Motives allows you the power to be whomever you want and is the perfect way to express yourself.

Motives Eye Products you don't have to be a make-up artist to create the perfect eye; we've taken the guess work out of it. Our palettes are customized to enhance your eyes whether they are green, brown or blue; and to help you take your look from classic during the day to smoky at night. Motives® by Loren Ridinger eye shadows, palettes and liners reveal vivid colors, intense pigments and long-lasting wear.

Motives Cheek Products
Motives® by Loren Ridinger cheeks will make you blush from all the excitement with a variety of color quads and pressed blush refills. You can now choose your favorite colors to match your mood and look with our customized mineral blushes, shimmers and bronzers.

Motives Face Products
Create your perfect face from start to finish with Motives® by Loren Ridinger custom blended foundations, foundation sticks and fluid silk foundations. Primers and concealers smooth and tone your skin making a flawless canvas on which to build your look. Finish with custom blended mineral powders for a perfect complexion.

Motives Lip Products
Motives® by Loren Ridinger lip treatments, shines, gels, liners, plumpers and lipsticks are formulated with a unique blend that soften and condition while helping to soothe and protect dry lips. Leave your lips rejuvenated, bursting with color and gloss long after application. From our exfoliating lip treatment and hydrating lip balm to our anti-aging lip liners and mineral silk lipsticks, your pout is complete.

Motives cosmetics can be found through Motives authorized dealers nationwide.

For more information on Motives visit online at:

Beauty comes from within but no woman should go without...

Women love to feel beautiful. We are always adding things here and there to enhance our beauty in effort to get noticed, therefore women should always arm themselves with a little beauty ammunition to make that gorgeous glow last all day. It only takes a few minutes and a few choice items to achieve beauty. The key to every day beauty is making it as natural as can be, which only takes the bare necessities of makeup. Although a great SPF foundation takes it up a notch and helps you look like you're on your way to a photo shoot, a quick fix and natural glow can be achieved with a little moisturizer and a sweep of a good brand of face powder. A few brands to investigate are MAC, Nars, Prescriptives, Smashbox, and Motives. Have something to bring your eyebrows up a little, by carving them out so that you appear vibrant and awake. A good tool would be a universal eye pencil that is good for all skin tones, or the Motives eyebrow kit, which is tiny and fits inside any makeup clutch. You also want to have a highlighter available for just under the brow line, right above the cheek bones, and in the corners of the eyes to again brighten and refresh the face. Of course you are going to want to equip yourself with a neutral eyeliner and mascara to finish off the eyes. For your cheeks, a soft blush and or bronzer with do the trick to make any woman appear to have a natural glow. Finish off by touching up the lips with a neutral lip liner and gloss and you're ready to go out the door with your bag of tricks to touch up with during the day. A suggested lip liner would be the lip crayon from Motives by Loren Ridinger. It goes on just like its name. It's like a brand new crayon touching a sheet of paper. There is no burning the edge in hopes of getting a smooth finish ladies. It goes on smooth and stays on smooth. With these few tools any woman from the amateur to the pro can achieve natural beauty in as little as five to ten minutes each day. For the best description of this look, pick up a copy of The Five Minute face by Carmindy, a tool I can't seem to live without. This book guides you from the five minute face to the face for a night out. So let's recap. The perfect every day beauty bag must contain a face powder, universal brow pencil or eyebrow kit, a highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and or bronzer, lip liner, and lip gloss. Although many brands are admired, the brand of choice for this blog is Motives by Loren Ridinger because of its rich colors, custom blending, and spectacular pricing. All of these products are sold at local Motives dealers nationwide except the universal brow pencil. The Universal brow pencil can be purchased for $14.95 at billion dollar brows online. To learn more about Motives by Loren Ridinger cosmetics visit online at: