Monday, August 31, 2009

Motives Lust Blush

So for all of you Sephora lovers out there that love the color Orgasm by NARS for your cheeks...
Motives offers Lust! This is the same color for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less. That's right I said way less. NARS retails for about $29.99 at Sephora and even with your S Card you still pay more. Motives Lust retails for $13.50 is that a great deal or what? As stated in previous posts, Motives does not spend a dime on advertising, celebrity endorsements, and overhead so all money goes into making their products stronger than the competitors for at a better price for consumers. Motives also offers fun colors and a high end product that wear long and well. To go directly to the Motives Lust Blush page click the Motives Lust Brush title in this post. To see more Motives Visit:

Stay fabulous!